Wednesday - December 31, 2008

The beautiful weather is continuing and we are loving it – hopefully it is here to stay at least for a while.

Steve & Brenda picked us up at 9:30 to go to Mexico and John and I couldn’t believe it, the parking lot had very few vehicles in it and the whole place was very quiet. Other years the parking lot is full (and it probably holds well over a thousand vehicles) plus there are all kinds of vehicles parked along the roadside – not today! I went to the dentist where Steve went last week and got my teeth cleaned for $15 (how can you beat that!) and I bought a new purse/backpack and a top for over my bathing suit. We bought a litre of Kahlula for $7.99 (the last time we bought it there it was $9) and a small bottle of tequila – last of the big time spenders! To go through Customs we waited less than 5 minutes and the customs guy was even polite this time, John actually said he would go back again and that is something as last year he refused to go because of the long line ups to come back, rude customs officials and all the crowds. I do feel sorry for the vendors there as they must be hurting big time as we have been hearing that it has been like this all year. We came back and had a late lunch so it was about 2:30 when we got home – a nice day.

The rest of the day we relaxed and we had a quiet New Year’s Eve, we did stay up long enough to see the new year in and Mike called to wish us a happy new year. Happy New Year to one and all and we wish everyone good health and happiness for 2009.

And so ends another great gift of a day in the sunny south.

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