Saturday, February 7, 2009

Today we had a real change in the weather, around 9 a.m. the wind switched to the north, the temperature dropped to the high 50’sF and it rained this morning for a bit, stopped, then about 1:30 it started to rain again and has rained steadily ever since.

This morning John, next door, came over to tell us that their neighbour’s cactus had flowered and it was beautiful so we went over and looked at it and as you can see it is pretty.

This afternoon we went out shopping for a bit, I had seen that Kohl’s had their towels on for half price so wanted to go and get a new set and I also wanted to get a new shower hose as ours was all discolouring at the top. We made a few other stops while out and our last stop was at Wal Mart to buy some CLR and we had to make a big detour walking into the store as the parking was a big pool in one large area, sure haven’t seen that here before.

When we got back I gathered up the laundry and headed down to get that done and oh dear, it was busy. I had to wait for one washing machine and again for a dryer, so had two loads done quite a bit before the third one. It poured the whole time I was in there but thankfully let up a bit when I was ready to leave so I got the clothes into the truck and then into the trailer without getting them wet. I was chatting with a gentleman from Pennsylvania while folding the laundry and he was saying he stores his RV in an old mine, he said it is huge, a fellow on a golf cart leads you to your parking spot and leads you to your RV when you come to get it out. The beauty of it is that the temperature is a constant 57F so you don’t have to winterize it and there are no mice etc. to worry about. He was also saying his wife has had the same hip replaced 4 times, the first one lasted 13 years, the second one lasted nine and then the shaft broke, they put in a new one but she got a staph infection and they eventually had to remove the hip, then she was three months in bed without a hip while the infection cleared up, before they could put in another one. Boy, I thank God that I didn’t have to go through anything like that.

Fortunately I put a pot roast in the slow cooker this morning so dinner is ready, I just have to do the veggie. Tonight is Keeping Up Appearances on TV then we will see what else is on. Today was another great gift of a day and we look forward to another good day tomorrow and hopefully we will be back to sunshine!

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