Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We enjoyed another gorgeous warm day here in the sunny south. We sat outside with our coffee for a while this morning then headed out to see about getting the oil changed on the truck and to pick up some groceries.

Wal Mart couldn’t do the oil change for about an hour and a half so we just picked up some groceries and then went to Fry’s to finish the grocery shopping. It was about 2 when we got home so John decided to head back to Wal Mart for the oil change and also to get fuel – diesel was $1.739 today, sure do like that!!

I put the groceries away and then chatted with John and Irma, our neighbours, for a bit, they had just returned from a week in the Tucson area. Around 3:30 I headed down to the pool, it was a lot busier than yesterday so kind of hard to swim with so many people just hanging around chatting. I talked to a couple of women from B. C. for quite a while then ended up walking back with Maureen as she is only a street over from us. John arrived home just as I got back from the pool – good timing.

One of the couples here was having a Mardi Gras party tonight, they have a corner lot and had at least 50 chairs set up around the lot and had a huge Mardi Gras poster covering the whole side of the trailer and the food smelled so good. A few drinks later everyone was parading around the park, I think a good time was had by all but I bet there will be some sore heads in the morning.

As always, today was another great gift of a day in the sunny south and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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