wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day, sunny and warm. We left about 10 a.m. to head to Desert Hot Springs to visit Linda & Jim. I drove over and we had a good trip but were slowed down by three stops at Border Patrol checkpoints, the worst was the one on I-8, we were stop and go for about 1-1/2 miles – grrrrr.

When we got to Linda & Jim’s they did barbecued burgers for lunch that were very yummy, then we visited for a while before heading down to the pool, wow, was that nice. The pool is a mineral hot spring and it was so nice and warm, we were in for about an hour, then headed for the hot tub. Both the pool and hot tub are filled from the hot springs and all of a sudden the hot tub was regenerating and boy was it hot, everyone headed back to the pool real fast!

We finally had enough, plus it was cooling off as the sun was going down, so we headed back to their place for more chin wagging and a yummy chicken casserole for dinner. All in all it was another great gift of a day in the sunny south, with a wonderful visit with these very great people, and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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