Sunday, March 1, 2998

I slept really good last night so today was a much better day. Again, it was a hot and sunny day here in Yuma.

This morning I spent on the computer doing my month end stuff so that is now done for another month.

We got an e-mail from our grandson Derrick today telling us that he has been accepted to the University of Ottawa for the fall and will be taking history – congratulations Derrick, we are very proud of you. Our niece Serita has been accepted at Carleton for the fall (we are also very proud of her) so they will both be in Ottawa – neat. We are proud of the two of them and wish them both good luck in this new chapter of their lives. Both of their mothers are proud of them but are sad at the thought of their children heading off to university, they will get over it and it is time for their offspring to spread their wings and fly on their own.

This afternoon we sat outside and read until it was time to go golfing, we had a tee time for 4:05 and were delighted to find out that today was the first day of Twilight fees - $7 after 4 p.m. so our golf was all of $14 – sure do like that!! We played with a couple of very nice guys from Wyoming; neither John nor I had stellar games, very disappointing but at least we got our exercise lol.

We wanted to try a pizza from Ronnie’s after golfing but when we got there it was closed on Sundays – bummer!! Second choice was coming home and doing burgers, they were good but I would rather have had the pizza, oh well, life isn’t always about getting everything you want!!

Tonight is the usual – either TV or a book.

As always, today was another great gift of a day in the sunny south and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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