Monday, April 20, 2009

Well, here I am playing catch up again, we’ve got to stop having so much fun so that I can get back to routine and keep things up to date!!!

The weather forecast for yesterday was for rain, with severe storms possible, so we decided it would be a good shopping day. It turned into a nice day, mainly cloudy but no rain, so we were quite happy as severe storms just aren’t fun.

Gil picked John up about 11 and they headed off to Mobile to tour the battleship USS Alabama and a submarine, by all accounts they had a good time and were fortunate that it didn’t rain as it wouldn’t be fun touring a battleship in the rain. Jack opted to stay home so didn’t join them.

Barb, Ginny & I headed out shopping about 11:30 with our first stop being the Old Time Pottery which I have never been in before – what a huge store with everything imaginable for home decorating, lots of fun wandering around there. From there we headed to the Outlet Mall and our first stop was for something to eat - a pizza slice filled the void. We then checked out Fossils as Ginny wanted to look at their watches, then a kitchen store, then the Corning Store, oh yeah, now we need to check out some clothing stores so we did that, with our final stop being Fresh Produce (yes, that is a clothing store) where we were told it was closing time – bummer!! Not really as I think we were all three shopped out by then!!

Ginny & Gil had asked us all to dinner at their place and I had put a pork roast in the slow cooker first thing in the morning to make pork pull, so we took that for dinner and Gil cooked some pork chops and Barb brought asparagus and Ginny did some potatoes so we had a great dinner with good company.

By the time we got home the evening was pretty well done and another great day had come to an end.

Today was a beautiful, warm sunny day with a high temperature in the mid 70’s – my kind of weather!!

This morning John and I had a couple of returns to do then we drove down to the beach, the water was rolling in pretty good so although there were a number of people on the beach no one was in the water. We then drove out to Fort Morgan, which is at the end of the road on Mobile Bay. You can take a ferry from Fort Morgan across to Dauphin Island, then there is a bridge joining Dauphin Island to the mainland at Mobile, this is a lot shorter than driving around Mobile Bay to Mobile but it is also very expensive.

Mobile Bay Drilling Rig (There are a lot of these rigs in the bay as well as the ocean)

Fort Morgan

We couldn’t believe all the houses built along the intercoastal waterway on the road to Fort Morgan, I can’t imagine building a house there with the constant threats of hurricanes each year. There are huge areas of dead trees along there from Hurricane Ivan which hit Gulf Shores dead on in 2004 and then Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the storm surge brought in so much salt water that there were thousands and thousands of trees killed.

Just A Small Beach House

Dead Trees

Beach Houses

We had invited Gil, Ginny, Barb & Jack for happy hour at 5 so got home just in time to do some veggies and dip to serve at happy hour. The Blue Heron kindly came to the pond beside us while we were sitting out on the patio so we had fun watching him stalking his dinner.

Blue Heron By The Pond

Jack, Barb, Gil & Ginny

Around 7 we all headed out to Lulu’s for dinner, Lulu is actually Lucy Buffet, Jimmy Buffet’s sister, and Ginny & Gil are Jimmy Buffet fans so wanted to go there for dinner. The restaurant is right on the intercoastal waterway so has a great view and we had a great dinner with lots of chatter and laughs.

It is now pretty well bed time and we have to be up early tomorrow morning for our planned event so do come back and check out our next adventure.

As always, the last two days have been great gifts here in the sunny south and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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