Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yesterday was a quiet day with lovely weather – hot and sunny.

In the late morning I headed off to Wally World to pamper myself, I got a pedicure and my hair cut so now my toes are pretty and my hair doesn’t look too bad again! I picked up a couple of groceries while there then came back and John and I sat out enjoying the nice weather.

Ginny & Gil came over for dinner and as always there was lots of good conversation and laughs. Shortly after 9 Gil headed home to get things organized as they are heading out in the morning, and Ginny & I did the dishes while John worked on her computer for a bit. I don’t usually let guests help with the dishes but I guess it was a fair trade off while John did the computer.

We walked Ginny home and said goodbye to them knowing that at some time in the next couple of months we will get together at either their place in Kitchener or ours in Kincardine.

Today was another hot, sunny day with highs in the 80’s – a little warmer than I like but still nice. John headed off to Wally World this morning to get the truck filled up at $2.099 for diesel and to pick up some oil for an oil change when we get home.

When he got back he loaded the laundry into the truck for me and I headed off to the laundromat to get it clean again. Today I decided just to use the laundromat here in the park and one of the dryers wasn’t very hot so it took longer to do the drying as I had to put it in another dryer to finish drying – grrrrr!!

John is now getting the truck hooked up and everything set to go so we can get a fairly early start, (for us), in the morning and as soon as I finish this up I will get the inside as road ready as I can for tomorrow.

Dinner tonight will be some of the Royal Red Shrimp we bought on Tuesday in Pensacola so we are looking forward to a good meal.

I don't usually like to put my picture in the blog as I don't usually take a good one but this is one Ginny gave me that she took at Flounder's on Tuesday and I actually thought it wasn't bad.

And I finally got around to taking a picture of our trailer here at Gulf Breezes

Tonight will be a quiet evening of TV or reading and early to bed so we can be up and at it earlier than usual in the morning.

As always, the last two days have been great gifts here in the sunny south and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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Colin, Margaret and Splash Werner said...

Good picture of you and John! Good one of the trailer too.....and I love the heron at the top of your site. Hope you have a good trip home. Talk again soon, Margaret