Saturday, April 25, 2009

Today was another beautiful, hot, sunny day – the high on the truck thermometer today was 87F (29C) – wonderful. I talked to our daughter Kelly late this afternoon, as well as my sister Pat, and both said today had been hot and sunny but then they were getting severe rain storms – just keep those there guys!!

We had a good drive today other than a bit of rough highway south of St. Louis, KY but it wasn’t as bad as we had heard it was and didn’t last too long so no problem – we sure have been on worse roads than that.


It was nice to drive through spring with all the trees in Tennessee and Kentucky in their spring finery and lots of lilacs and dogwood in bloom – so pretty.

And We Passed Through Kentucky

It was also nice to see some hills and rolling countryside after almost 5 months of flat countryside!

And We are Now in Indiana

We are spending the night at Woods-N-Water Kampground near Columbus, IN., it is an old KOA campground with lots of trees that created a very challenging course to get to our site. Fortunately, I got out to walk John through a very tight turn and saw that he was almost right against two small trees, had he kept going we would have lost an awning arm so he didn’t complain when I yelled at him to STOP!! A bit of maneuvering and he made the turn and then another tight one before we got to our site; a few minutes after we stopped a fellow came by and said he was behind us coming in and he was impressed with how John had handled the tight turns – nice to hear.

When we were registering the fellow on the desk said there was another couple here from Ontario and they were sitting in the lobby waiting for their laundry to do so we chatted with them for a bit, turns out they are from Sarnia.

Tonight will be another quiet evening and we are hoping for another sunny, warm day tomorrow.

As always, today was another great gift of a day in the sunny south and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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