Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool’s Day, how many of you got fooled!! We woke up this morning to sunshine but the wind was still a-blowing, sure do hate these Texas winds, especially when driving – it’s not bad if it is a tail wind but any other wind is not pretty!

Last night there were a couple of dogs who barked half the night, I could have gladly strangled them and have to wonder where their owner were, I can’t imagine they could sleep through the noise.

Our route today was to take I-20 east to Abilene then head south/west from there, well on I-20 we were being hit with strong cross winds as the wind was right out of the south and for some reason after about an hour I happened to look back at the awning – oh shh----t, all I can see is blue fabric blowing in the wind, not a nice sight at all. John pulled over right away and we determined that fortunately I had seen it before any damage was done but the trick was to pull it out and rewind it, not about to happen where we were sitting with the wind hitting us broadside. As luck would have it we were right at an exit so got off onto the frontage road (fortunately this happened in the middle of nowhere!) and fortunately there was an underpass under the interstate so John was able to get in there and stop and we got the awning re-rolled. Now, how to stop it from happening again, this is the second time we have had this happen in strong cross winds and we aren’t very happy with Mr. Zip Dee as on all our older trailers the awning had a lock on it so the wind couldn’t get under it and start it unrolling but the newer ones don’t have this locking mechanism, guess it is part of their cost cutting program. Anyways, we went slowly down the frontage road till we came to a small town with a Dollar Store (that was about all they had!) so John was able to get a roll of duct tape and tape down the end of the awning so hopefully the wind couldn’t catch it again.

The duct tape worked and we had no further problems with the awning but did have high winds most of the day. On I-20 we passed miles and miles of wind farms, sure was a good day for them with all the wind!!

You can see the dust in this picture

At Abilene we picked up some good highways that took us south/west to Lampasas where we are at the Boone RV Park for the night.

We are now in hill country and it was a pretty drive for the last couple of hours, this is one part of Texas we really like but figure we should check out other areas also.

When we stopped today I called a park at Lake Livingston and made reservations from tomorrow through Tuesday, it looks like a nice park and is another new area of Texas for us to explore, just hope we get decent weather and no bad storms.

We are looking forward to settling down for a few day – five days of travel is enough at a stretch!!

As always, today was another great gift of a day in the sunny south, even though it was a bit stressful, but we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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