Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday was the day we left Yuma, sitting for four months is too long and we hope to do more traveling and less sitting next winter!! We were on the road by 10 a.m. and had a good, uneventful drive to Benson. The traffic through Tucson was really light – bonus!! We arrived at Cochise Terrace about 3:30 and to our dismay all their pull throughs were taken, wow, I didn’t expect this at this time of year.

When we got out of the truck we just about got blown away and when we went in the lady in the office said people were getting off the road because of the wind and that was why they had no pull throughs left, but not to worry, they had a site we could back into and not have to unhitch – perfect! The wind was brutal but it was a tail wind for us today so we hadn’t worried about it! Anyways, they put us in a site where we didn’t have to unhitch so we were happy and got all set up. John managed to barbecue but it was a challenge. Just after we got set up a couple stopped by to see where we were from, turns out they are from Niagara Falls, ON and had spent the winter at Cochise Terrace.

This morning just as we were getting ready to leave two women stopped and asked John if they could see our trailer as one thought they had had one like it (only smaller) years ago. Had a nice chat with them, one of the ladies was from just outside Port Huron so knew Sarnia well, a small world.

Today the wind was really brutal, but again it was a tail wind for us so not a problem, in fact we got really good mileage today so we were happy. The drive was great again with not a lot of traffic, the kind of driving day we like! The only time we got hit with the wind was coming down after crossing the mountains east of Las Cruses, we got the wind hitting us from the side and it was brutal, we were really glad we only had a couple of minutes of that!

I Love These Rock Formations Around Wilcox, AZ

Entering New Mexico - Goodbye Arizona!

White Sands West of Alamogordo, NM

Border Patrol Stop

We stopped at a park on the west side of Alamogordo, NM but it was $25 for a spot in the sand so decided to drive to the east side of town and check out a Passport America Park, turns out it was much nicer, the owners were really friendly and the price was right at $15/night – gotta like that. Passport America is funny, there are some really nice parks (like where we were last night), some nice parks (like tonight) and some really crummy parks, guess we just have to check them out to see what category they fall into – LOL! This park has Wi-Fi but it isn’t very strong here so I will wait a while and see if it gets better after most normal people have gone to bed!!

The temperature has really dropped – it was 59F when we stopped tonight so it will be interesting to see what kind of temperatures we get from here on, I don’t care about the temperatures so much, just keep the tornados away!!!

As always, the last two days have been great gifts here in the sunny south and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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