Monday, October 5, 2009

Today was another nice sunny day, with a high of about 60F (15C) so quite pleasant. We left Creston about 11 a.m. as we only had about 80 km to drive so we took our time getting away.

The drive was beautiful, the road ran along the eastern shore of Kootenay Lake and the other side of the lake was all mountains so very scenic.

Today's Drive

The road was narrow, twisty and turney with lots of ups and downs so it took us a couple of hours to get to Crawford Bay where we had to get a ferry across to Balfour (this is the world’s longest free ferry ride and is part of the B.C. road system). When we got to the ferry landing we found we would have to wait for an hour for the next ferry and John didn’t particularly like the look of the ramp – he was worried we would bottom out on it, so he had lots of time to fret!

When the ferry came in John talked to one of the workers who said we should be okay but just to take it real slow, he also said that the other side was better to get off so that helped relieve some of the worry. Anyway, we made it on okay and it was a 35 minute ride across the lake.

We are now at Birch Grove RV Park & Marina, a couple of miles west of Balfour, and what a nice little park, it is right on the west arm of Kootenay Lake and our site overlooks the lake and marina.

Our Home & View for the Next 3 Nights

After we got set up we enjoyed sitting out on our cement patio with a cold drink and enjoying the view. The downside is there is no wi-fi, they turned it off the first of October, and there is only one TV channel – it is either watch CBC or nothing!! Oh well, I guess we will survive for a few more days without wi-fi and maybe I can pick up something somewhere so I can check my e-mail and post my blog.

When we were registering John talked to a fellow for a few minutes and it turns out he and his wife are originally from Cambridge but have been in B.C. since 1974. I went for a walk before starting dinner and ended up talking to him and his wife for a few minutes. They were just getting ready to start a fire with another couple, who are leaving tomorrow, so asked us to come up later (they are up the hill from where we are) and join them. After dinner we went up to the fire and the owner and his wife also came and joined the group so we had a pleasant evening. They were all very nice and gave us some tips on what to see and do in the area.

By the time the we left the fire for home we were quite cool so are now warming up and watching a bit of TV but I don’t think it will be long before I head for my nice warm bed.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow.

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