Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today was pretty overcast most of the day and I saw a high of 50F (10C) on the truck thermometer, so also pretty cool.

Our Trailer at Jim & Mary's RV Park

Our Neighbours - They Were Well Decorated

The drive today through Montanna and Idaho was very pretty, lots of mountains and lakes. There was a lot of mist on the mountains and in Idaho we did see some with snow on the tops of the mountains.

Today's Drive

The border crossing at Porthill was really good, the fellow asked how long we had been in the states (18 days), if we had any liquor (yes) tobacco (no) and if we had brought the trailer in with us when we left Canada (yes). Have a good day he said and away we went. Gotta love crossings like that! He didn’t even look at our passports!

We decided to stop in Creston, B.C. for the night, the first park we checked out didn’t have any big rig sites left so we came to another park, probably about the same price but the wi-fi isn’t working and if it does it costs $2/day – welcome back to Canada!

John got us level and I went to open the door – what, it won’t open so he moved the trailer around a bit thinking it wasn’t level and the door still wouldn’t open. Open checking it out he found the top hinge was broken – not a good thing to have happen! This had happened last year and Can-Am had fixed it so why did it happen again? John took the door apart, fortunately he had watched how they did it last year and he thinks that they thightened the bolts too much and they broke off – hopefully that is what caused it. Anyways, he has the right size bolts – at home in the shed in Kincardine, so we have our fingers crossed that there is a hardware store in town that will be open tomorrow and have the needed size of bolts.

We had a bit of a late dinner and a quiet evening. And so ends another great gift of a day and we hope that tomorrow John can solve our problems (thank goodness he is really handy – as he said all of those years having to watch his father fix things has paid off over his lifetime).

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