Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Selkirk Loop is an international loop with a unique scenic drive that winds through Idaho, British Columbia and Washington State. Unknowingly, we started the loop at Sandpoint, Idaho and then followed it from Creston to Balfour and then as far south as Nelson. Today we decided to follow the loop as far south as Salmo, unfortunately the rest is back in Washington State so we didn’t do it.

At Salmo we turned west and went to Trail before heading north through Castlegar and Nelson to home. Again, another beautiful drive with wonderful scenery and we felt right at home as we passed Erie Lake and drove through the Beaver Valley! We drove for quite a ways along the Columbia River, and all day we were surrounded by mountains.

Today's Scenery

The Nasookin, a sternwheeler that is now a cottage near Nelson

We stopped at the Post Office in Fruitvale as I had some stuff to mail to Kel and we were very impressed with the lady in the P.O. as she was very helpful, now I hope Kel gets her parcel quickly!

This morning was not great weather wise, it would be sunny then would cloud over and rain a bit then the sun would come out again but once we left the park it turned very sunny and warm with a high of 17C (64F) and stayed like that until we were almost back to Nelson, then it turned rainy and cold. When we got home it was cold and drizzly so not good for sitting outside. We were glad I had put chilli in the slow cooker for dinner so John didn’t have to barbecue.

Dinner is now over and John is looking forward to watching the Tudors while I will enjoy a good book.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow.

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