Friday, October 30, 2009

John was up early this morning to take the truck into Mr. Dodge to have some work done on it - $800+ later he was home! We needed new front brake pads and rotors plus we had a transmission leak that they fixed.

There was a bit of sun this morning but mainly it was a cloudy and misty day with a couple of good showers thrown in for good luck – LOL. It was pretty mild with a high of about 65F (18C), that’s the warmest we have seen it in a long time.

This afternoon we went over to Janet & Dave’s and John worked on their computer again and Janet and I went shopping. We went to a neat little store in Coombs, Bamboozles, and then went to Parksville to Shoppers so Janet could pick up some butter she had a rain check for, then went to another little shop that sells used furniture and funky clothes, then Janet treated me to coffee and a Rice Crispy square. By the time we came out of the coffee shop it was raining and I hadn’t been able to find my rain jacket in the truck so I got a bit damp getting back to the truck.

We got back to their place about 6 and they made a great dinner of barbecued steak, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob and a broccoli salad. When Dave was barbecuing the rain came down in buckets, fortunately their patio is covered so he stayed dry. It rained for quite a while but had stopped when we left to come home so we managed to get back without getting wet.

I am sitting here with my computer on but the internet only comes on for a minute or so, not enough time for me to post this so I will have to wait until it lasts for a few minutes, most frustrating.

Sandra asked me when we are heading into the states – we will be heading over on Monday Nov. 16th. We are going to stay here until the 9th as next week we are going to Tofino for a couple of days so we figured we would stay another week so we could move on to Victoria on a Monday, then I have booked a week at West Bay Marine Village in Victoria. It looks like a nice park, we have a site looking out over the marina and when I called and booked it yesterday the fellow assured me they have wi-fi that works, oh I hope he’s right!!! They have a winter rate of $230+ tax and the site we are going to be on is $45/night during the regular season so it seemed like a pretty good deal. We were told that Fridays and Sundays are really busy for the ferries so thought it would be better to wait until a Monday to get the ferry over to Port Angeles. I still have to do that booking but can’t do it until I get a good internet connection.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow.

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