Monday, November 23, 2009

We woke up to sunshine this morning but it didn’t last much past 10 a.m., however, the good news is that it didn’t rain during the day so we aren’t complaining. The temperature reached a high of 11C (53F) so it was quite pleasant.

We went to Mos for lunch, this is a restaurant right on the beach, we got a window seat so had a beautiful view while enjoying our lunch. We both had a clam fritter sandwich with a cup of crab chowder, very good. I had read about Mos on Ellie’s blog – Justravellin, so thanks to her for a nice place to eat.

Mos has a little store as well as the restaurant and they had really nice jackets on sale for $20 and the even better part is that Oregon has no sales tax. We both bought a jacket, they are bright yellow, and wore them when we walked the beach after lunch. They are really good wind breakers so we were nice and warm walking the beach in the wind.

The restaurant was in between Haystack Rock, a rock that rises 245’ out of the ocean and The Needles, which are rocks off shore in the shape of needles. I took some pictures, which I will post, but it was quite hazy and overcast so not that great for picture taking. Hopefully we will get a brighter day here and better pictures.

The beach here is much cleaner than Long Beach on Vancouver Island was, there the beach was covered in kelp etc. and here there is very little of that. There were a couple of large, dead, jellyfish but that was about it, not even very many sea shells. Of course the wind was blowing pretty hard which made my eyes water so maybe I just missed the sea shells – LOL!

The Haystack

Beach Front Cottages & the Haystack

John & The Haystack (Note the New Yellow Jacket!(

The Needles

Looking West From Beach

Cannon Beach

We then went to Seaside, a town 8 miles north of Cannon Beach, and drove around the town. It is off season so all these places are pretty quiet now but I imagine they would be a zoo in the summer. In Seaside we saw a store, Crocs, so stopped and checked it out as Kel wants me to buy her a pair of crocs if I can find them at a good price. Well, they were Canadian prices, no bargains there, so we left empty handed.

We came back and stopped at the Information Centre and picked up some maps and the brochure, Oregon Coast that is a mile-by-mile guide to Highway 101 - I am sure it will come in real handy in the next few weeks. I also picked up a brochure on Oregon lighthouses and hope we will be able to see them all. We could just see Tillamook Rock Lighthouse today, it stands 133 feet above sea level with a 62’ high tower on a basalt rock islet. It has been nicknamed “Terrible Tilly” because of its exposure to storm waves and was built in 1881 and replaced by a whistling buoy in 1957. It is the only privately owned Oregon coast lighthouse on the National Register of Historic Places and was once used as a Our columbarium ( storage for ashes of deceased people) – go figure!!!
Our Home at Cannon Beach

John is doing some fish on the barbecue for dinner and we are looking forward to a quiet evening. And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow.

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Sandra said...

Wow, great jackets for $20!

I think the foggy photos of the Oregon coast are better than bright sunshine. Gives some mystique to the photos.