Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Today was another nice day with funny weather, it was sunny for a bit this morning then clouded over for most of the day with the sun trying to come out again late in the afternoon. We had a high of about 13C (56F) so not a bad day.
We went to Ecola State Park today, the entrance to this park is at the south end of Cannon Beach and it is well known for its views - we weren’t disappointed. The road in and out of the park, as well as the road between the two beaches in the park, was one of my most unfavourite types – very narrow and twisty with no shoulders and lots of drop offs, but with John’s excellent driving we had no problem.

The views were spectacular, and at Crescent Beach there was a walkway around the point of the bluff that gave views out to Terrible Tilly, the Tillamook Lighthouse. There was a sign with information on the lighthouse and it appears that Eternity at Sea, Inc. now owns the lighthouse and uses the inside of the lighthouse as a columbarium and inurnments of recycled aluminum urns are limited to once a year after the birds have finished nesting here to minimize the impact on the birds.
Crescent Beach

From Crescent Beach we took the road to Indian Beach and again the view was beautiful, but the drive not pretty. We watched a couple of guys trying to surf but they didn’t go far enough out to catch the large waves so weren’t having a lot of luck.
Indian Beach

We left Ecola State Park and drove south a bit, we stopped first by Mo’s for another look at Haystack Rock

and the beach and then at a couple of lookouts along southbound 101. We turned around just before Nehalen and headed home so we would be back before dark.
Views Along 101

There have been quite a few trailers come into the park today but it is still no where full, guess there will be a lot more coming in tomorrow as we were certainly led to believe that it was pretty well full for the Thanksgiving weekend.

John is barbecuing sausages for dinner and we are looking forward to a quiet evening.

And so ends another great gift of a day here on the Oregon Coast and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow.

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