Sunday, November 22, 2009

The wind howled all night and it poured rain so I didn’t sleep well worrying about traveling today, but thankfully the wind had died down by morning and the rain stopped so that John didn’t get wet hooking us up.

One Last Look at the Olympia Mountains

We were on the road about 9:30 and had a good drive with a mix of weather, some rain, but not hard, some sun and a lot of overcast sky. Actually, the sun didn’t really come out and stay out until about Astoria OR and then it was at a point where it made it hard to see so we were glad to get to Cannon Beach.

Crossing the Hood Canal

Pretty Skyline

On the way here we saw a lot of downed trees, and some spots where the hydro crews were still working on lines that trees had taken down. There was a lot of debris on the road – small branches etc., it appears that last nights wind did a lot of damage both in Washington and Oregon. Thankfully, we had no problems in Sequim other than the wind blew our stool around and blew the remote for the thermometer off it under the trailer. As you can see from the pictures there was also lots of flooded land from all the rain that we have had.

The park here seems nice and is well treed, I think it will be hard to tell if the sun is out or not! At this point the park isn’t really busy but apparently they are full for Thanksgiving, glad we got a spot here as there were only 2 sites available for a week. We can hear the waves crashing in so aren’t far from the ocean – tomorrow we will explore the town.

John had pretty well finished setting up when I noticed him talking to a couple so I stopped my vacuuming and went out, it was a couple from Calgary, Mike & Tanyia, who are just starting out with their new 27’ Airstream International. We chatted for a while and they came in and had a look at our trailer then invited us to come look at theirs – it is a very nice trailer and they had a couple of changes made at the factory to give them more storage room and had the furniture done in the leather.

These mushrooms are growing on the lot next door, I don’t know what kind they are but they are pretty.

Dinner is over and I have some pictures to download so will do that if I can keep my eyes open, it has been a long day with little sleep last.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow.

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