Monday, December 21, 2009

During the early hours of the morning we reached our highest temperature of about 53F (12C) and it was downhill from there with a mid afternoon high of 45F (7C). It rained all night and morning, thankfully it is rain and not snow or else we would be buried under the white stuff – hee, hee!!

This morning we decided to take a run up to Coos Bay and finish our shopping – figured it was better to do it on a wet day than a nice sunny one. There is still a scenic route we want to take in that area but it will have to wait for a nicer day.

We had seen an advertisement for the Pony Village Mall in North Bend (North Bend/Coos Bay are side by side) and it is advertised as the largest indoor mall on the Oregon Coast so we decided to check it out, well, it didn’t take long to walk through it and back out with our money still in our pockets! It sure wasn’t very busy and although they had a J. C. Penny and Macy’s I didn’t see anything that I couldn’t do without.

When we came out of the mall there was this bright light in a blue sky – wow – sunshine! From there we made quick stops at both Wal Mart and Fred Meyer to finish up our little bit of Christmas shopping and get groceries to tide us over till next week.

The sun was going down on the way home but by the time we got back it was drizzling again - at least it is now a drizzle and not a heavy downpour!! It stopped long enough for John to grill burgers and now we hear the odd pitter, patter of rain drops on the roof but nothing steady and heavy.

I want to thank everyone for the nice Christmas e-cards, we have enjoyed receiving them and they are all pretty neat – thanks for making our day.

At this point we have nothing in particular planned for tomorrow but at some point we have wrapping to do, not my favourite job but guess it has to be done and I can’t ask John to wrap his own presents!!

And so ends another great gift of a day here on the Oregon Coast and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow although the forecast is for one more wet day.

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