Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yesterday was a really nice day here on the Oregon coast with a high of 59F (15C) and the sun shone for most of the day – yeah!! I went for a walk and talked to Gordon for quite a while, he was sitting out at the picnic table reading his Kindle so I had a look at it and he showed me all the great things about it.

In the afternoon we drove north to Bandon, a very pretty little town on the coast. We took the Beach Loop Road and had some wonderful views of the ocean and the very rocky coast.
Neat Rock Formation

Cat & Kittens

Bandon Coast Line

Face Rock (Can You See the Face?)

We found the Coquille River Lighthouse that was commissioned in 1896 to guide sailors across a dangerous sand bar and then decommissioned in 1939 following improvements to the river channel and the installation of other navigational aids. We were surprised when we got to the jetty at the number of people on the beach, I think a lot of them were looking for oysters, and there were a few fishermen on the rocks but I don’t know if they were having any luck.
Coquille River Lighthouse

Beach at Jetty

The waves were really crashing in at the entrance to the Coquille River, I would hate to be out in a boat and have to try to enter the river through them, and yes we did see a couple of fishing boats out in the Pacific.
Waves at the Mouth of the Coquille River

Current Navigation Aid (The Fog Horn Works Real Good!!)

We left the jetty and drove through Old Town where there were a lot of cute looking stores and restaurants, but it was getting late so we didn’t stop anywhere, we had spent all our time looking at the water and taking pictures of it!

On the way home we did stop at Misty Meadows, a nice store with lots of jams etc., we had fun browsing there and even picked up a couple of Christmas presents.
Floats Decorating Fence at Misty Meadows

When we got home John grilled a steak for dinner and we spent a quiet evening. I was tired and not in the mood for doing my pictures from the day so put it off until today.

Today we are back to RAIN, it has poured pretty well all day so it is a pretty quiet day for us here on the Oregon coast. At least the temperature is staying fairly mild so we aren’t complaining. We have made some phone calls and John is working on his pictures and I am trying to get this done so I can get it posted with yesterdays pictures.

I have chilli in the slow cooker for dinner – it sounded like a good rainy day meal.

And so ends another great gift of a couple of days here on the Oregon Coast and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow although the forecast is for a couple more wet days then an extended period of sun. Time will tell.

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