Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Today was very overcast with intermittent showers when we were getting ready to leave but at least it wasn’t a steady downpour. We headed out about 11:45 and stopped at the Crab Shop to buy another Dungeness crab for tomorrow night.

Tuesday seems to be a good travel day with little traffic so our 121 km (75 miles) trip was pretty quiet. There were wind alerts out but we didn’t experience any wind at Winchester Bay and just before Bandon, about 30 km from our destination, I said to John that it was nice that it wasn’t windy as predicted, no sooner were the words out of my mouth than wham, we hit the wind and boy was it blowing!!

We arrived at Port Orford RV Village about 1:30, it is a nice small park and we got an end pull thru site so have no one on our curbside and the site next to us on the roadside is empty so we aren’t the least bit crowded. The park is pretty well full but it appears that it is mainly fishermen who must come for the weekend or whatever as there certainly aren’t many people here now. The price for a month is $295.00, can’t beat that, so we have taken this site for a month. Now we know where we will be for Christmas and New Year’s and they have a Christmas dinner and a New Year’s Eve do so there will be festivities going on.

One of the travel journals I follow is Gordon & Juanita and they are here at this park for the winter. I met them both briefly, it’s nice to meet someone whose journal you have been following as I feel like I already know them.

After getting set up we drove into Port Orford, which is the oldest town on the Oregon coast, it is not a huge place but there is a grocery store. We went down to the dock and the waves were really crashing in but between the wind and rain I didn’t get out and take any pictures so these are the two I took out of the truck with the wind and rain blowing in on me.

The dock here is the only open-water port on the Oregon coast and is one of six “dolly ports” in the world where all the boats are hoisted into and out of the water daily. Of course with the wind yesterday I don’t imagine there were any boats out but it will be interesting watching them hoist them in and out.

We drove south a bit then came home, the coast looks beautiful along here so it will be fun exploring it. There is also Cape Blanco with its lighthouse to check out and apparently it is a great place to watch the ocean.

And so ends another great gift of a day here on the Oregon Coast and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow.

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Sandra said...

We stayed at Port Orford for a week, not in that park though. We really enjoyed our time there. It's a nice little town. There's an old jail in town that's interesting and of course the rocks in the water make for great photos.