Friday, December 18, 2009

Today was a drizzly day here on the Oregon Coast but it wasn’t cold with a temperature of around 12C (54F).

This morning I did laundry, a good job done for another week! The laundry here is reasonable - $1.25 per load to wash and $0.25/10 minutes to dry and one dryer took 40 minutes and the other 30 so I am not complaining.

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This afternoon we decided to go to Cape Blanco – a bad move as it was totally foggy and wet, we couldn’t see a thing – we have no idea where the lighthouse is and with the fog we could barely see the ocean. This is definitely a clear day trip and we will return!

A couple of things that I haven’t mentioned about this part of the coast: 1 – the cranberry bogs – we have seen quite a few of them in this area. We watched a TV program a couple of weeks ago about how they harvest the cranberries and it looked quite interesting, I don’t know if we will be here during a harvest but it so I will definitely try to get pictures. The other thing is that this part of the coast is known as America’s Wild River Coast and the name comes from the rivers that flow into the ocean in this area – the rivers are the Sixes, Elk, Rogue, Pistol, Chetco and Windchuck which are in Oregon and the Smith and Klamath in Del Norte County in California. My piece of trivia for today!

We went down to the docks and saw a fishing boat coming out of the water – it was interesting to watch and sure doesn’t take long to get them up on the dock.

We made a stop at the local grocery store to check it out, they have nice fresh produce and their prices aren’t bad so it will be fine for in between trips to a larger store – i.e. Fred Meyer or Wal Mart Superstore.

Dinner is now over and once I get this posted I hope to finish the book I started the other day.

And so ends another great gift of a day here on the Oregon Coast and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow although the forecast is for a wet weekend.

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