Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today looked like it would be a reasonably nice day so we decided to head south to Brookings. It was a mainly sunny day, but occasionally clouded over and rained for a minute, with a high of about 54F (12C).

On the way to Brookings we stopped at some lookouts to enjoy the ocean and take pictures, as always the ocean was beautiful and fascinating.

We stopped at Gold Beach for lunch and to pick up a couple of Dungeness crabs for our New Year’s Eve dinner – I’m sure they will be yummy!

Brookings is the town with bears everywhere so we parked and walked a bit and took a few pictures but this was one of the times when it decided to rain a bit so didn’t go as far as we might have.

From there we went to Fred Meyer and picked up a few things seeing how we were in the area. We also got diesel there, with our card and $0.10/gallon discount we filled up for $2.689/gallon – sure beats the $2.899/gallon at most places around here (their gas was already $0.10/gallon cheaper than any place else).

While in Fred Meyer someone tapped my shoulder and said fancy meeting you here, it was a lady from the park here and I was surprised as in this part of the world I don’t expect to meet anyone I know. We had a nice chat before carrying on with our shopping.

Yesterday was our family dinner at our daughter Nan’s so on the way home we stopped at Gold Beach to call her place and talk to everyone (we had no phone signal between Brookings and Gold Beach or we would have stopped at a view point). We wish we could have been with them and it sounded like they had a wonderful dinner – after they got through telling us what they had for dinner we said we were going home to cook burgers – I think they had the better dinner but we have the better weather and scenery!!

Tomorrow we are supposed to be back to wet and windy weather, so we really enjoyed the nice weather today.

And so ends another great gift of a day here on the Oregon Coast and we look forward to another nice (but probably wet) day tomorrow.

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