Happy New Year

Well, here it is 2010 and I can still remember all the hype and uncertainty that the year 2000 caused, sure seems like a long time ago.

Yesterday was a perfectly lousy day weather wise here on the Oregon coast with torrential rain and strong winds – a good day to hunker down and stay inside. Fortunately the temperature was fairly mild so at least it wasn’t a cold day.

They were having a little do here at the park at 6 p.m. with snacks and then cake and ice cream for anyone who had celebrated a birthday or anniversary in December – Charlie was the only celebrant for December so everyone sang happy birthday to him. We had bought Dungeness crab for our New Year’s Eve dinner so we went over and had a drink (no snacks) and socialized for an hour or so then came home and had a wonderful dinner. Charlie has a miniature cannon that he shot off just before we came home, for a small thing it sure made a heck of a boom – I just about jumped right out of my shoes!!

Today was a bit nicer with some sunny periods along with a bit of rain. This afternoon we went out to Paradise Point to see the waves, boy were they huge! We walked down to the beach and stood for a while watching the water but it was chilly after standing in the wind for a bit. At one point John was taking a picture and I called to him to watch out, there was a huge wave crashing up on shore farther than the other ones, he ran like heck to get out of the way or he would have gotten a good soaker – these are what they call rogue or sneaker waves.

We then drove down to the dock and Battle Rock where the waves weren’t nearly as big. We went to Cape Blanco and it was interesting there – one side of the cape was fairly quiet while on the other side the waves were crashing in pretty good. It was really windy there so we didn’t get out – just sat and watched them from the comfort of the truck.

It really poured on the way home but had stopped by the time we got back so John finished taking down the Christmas lights – all the Christmas stuff is now put away for another year.

And so ends another two great gifts of days here on the Oregon Coast and we look forward to another nice (but probably wet) day tomorrow.

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