Thursday, January 7, 2010

Here I am again doing a couple of days at a time – yesterday was a bit of a dud day so there was nothing to blog about.

Yesterday was damp and cloudy, not a really great day so we didn’t do a lot – spent time on the computer and I spent a lot of time reading my Kindle, the book I am reading (World Without End) is over 1,000 pages so is taking a while to read.

John and I both had a desire for pizza so about 6 p.m. we headed out for the local restaurant where we had heard they had good pizza – oops, closed! We ended up coming home and having sausage on a bun with slaw, good but not a pizza!!

Today was supposed to be a nice day so we had decided to wait until today to go to Coos Bay and do some shopping and whatever else. Well, the weatherman lied, again, - it was another gray, dreary, drizzly day. Not a good day for taking pictures, hence no pictures tonight.

At Coos Bay we stopped at a pizza restaurant but they didn’t sell slices and we didn’t feel like at whole pizza at that point so we went to another place – they only sell uncooked pizza which didn’t help us at all. Our third try they didn’t have any eat in facilties so we ended up at Subway for lunch – good but still no pizza!

We stopped at Fred Meyer and picked up a few things then our next stop was a place that advertised sheepskin seat covers – well, they weren’t within our price range but they had a nice pair of Australian sheepskin slippers that were on sale, and in my price range, so I got them and must say they are very cozy and warm.

Next stop was Wal Mart to finish the groceries then it was time to head home. We stopped at a RV place and got a spare set of lightbulbs and the sewer hose extension that John was looking for.

On the way home we decided to take the long way through Coquille, it was a pretty drive from Coos Bay to Coquille and Coquille looks like a pretty town but the drive from there to Bandon wasn’t the greatest – narrow roads and sharp drop offs.

We had bought a cooked chicken ($4.99) at Wal Mart so dinner tonight was easy with the chicken and a spinach salad – my kind of dinner!!

When we got back we called our friends Linda & Jim in B.C. and were happy to talk to Linda and hear she is doing well in her recovery and they are looking forward to being able to spend at least the month of March in California.

Tonight will be another quiet evening, I doubt I will finish my book but will hopefully read a bit more (if I can keep my eyes open).

And so ends another two great gifts of days here on the Oregon Coast and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow, no matter what the weather.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you are enjoying this area! Please do try the pizza restaurant in Port Orford - it is wonderful.