Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Today is our son-in-law Carl’s birthday – Happy Birthday Carl! I missed my sister-in-law Carol’s birthday on Sunday but hope you both had great days.

Today was another damp day here in Port Orford although the temperature is still warm enough – in the mid 50’s (about 12-13C). It didn’t rain hard during the day but drizzled, just enough to make it nicer to stay inside!

Later this afternoon we went into town and checked out the video store but the movie we wanted was gone so we came out empty handed. I checked out the grocery store for a fresh veggie for dinner but again came out empty handed – bummer.

We drove down to the lookout over the dock and it was very foggy so we then went to Paradise Point and surprisingly it was clear there and quite calm. On the way in and out to Paradise Point we saw a few deer, we always seem to see them in that area. When we got back we walked around the park a few times and Claudia came out so we had a bit of a visit with her. She was saying they went out fishing the other day and made $750 – not bad for a day’s fishing!!

Fortunately I had put a pot roast in the slow cooker this morning so John didn’t have to get wet grilling – we had a nice dinner and thought of Kelly who really likes the pot roasts.

And so ends another great gift of a day here on the Oregon Coast and we look forward to another nice (but probably wet) day tomorrow.

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