Friday, April 16, 2010

Yesterday was not a nice day weather wise, it was very overcast when we got up and sprinkled off and on all morning, not a day for checking out the wild flowers!

In the afternoon we decided to head up to Marble Falls and get some groceries so we made stops at Wal Mart and HEB (Here Everything’s Better). We had just got into the truck when the sky opened and it POURED all the way home. Sure glad it waited till we were back in the truck or we would have been soaked! Fortunately it had pretty well stopped when we got back so John got us hooked up and ready to go in the morning.

Going up to Marble Falls Highway 281 is a four lane highway and about half way up there was some old fella driving about 30 mph in the left lane, a couple of people barely missed him as you sure aren’t expecting someone to be dawdling along in that lane. On the way home didn’t we see the same old fella heading south and again dawdling along in the left lane in the pouring rain when the visibility was greatly reduced, we wonder if he made it home safely and without causing an accident. Certainly some older people SHOULD NOT be driving!

Today dawned overcast and cool and looked like it could pour rain at any time. Fortunately John managed to get finished and get us on the road before the rain started. It never rained very hard today, but lots of little showers and drizzle.

We drove through a lot of small towns today with some narrow one way streets but John navigated them very well, there was no nail biting on my part. We had a good drive to Northshore RV Resort on Lake Livingston and the closer we got the better the weather got, by the time we arrived here it was 80F (25C) and the sun was shining brightly – oh yes, we do love this kind of weather!!

The first site we got here was really uneven, imagine concrete pads that are at least 2” off from side to side! We walked back over to the office and the gal there said to pick any site we wanted so we did and are now level side to side with no problem but front to back is another story. I can hardly reach the door handle from the patio as John had to jack it up so high in the front to get level back to front - LOL! Guess that is what happens when they develop a park on the side of a lake.

The next problem was the internet, I’m not sure if it is fixed, guess I will find out when I try to post this. I went to the office and the gal reset the modem a couple of times and before dinner it was working, will see now if it still is.

We do have TV tonight so John is happy, he is watching Gladiator, I will probably read as I have seen it a couple of times already.

And so ends two more great gifts of days and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

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