Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Here I am a couple of days behind again, but there hasn’t been anything exciting to post about.

Yesterday morning it was very overcast and looked like it could rain, plus the forecast was for showers, so we decided to drive to New Braunfels and then back to San Marcos as Nan wanted some stuff from Bath and Body Works if we were back that way. As it turned out the sun came out shortly after we got on the road and it turned into a nice day with a high of about 74F (22C).

I had hoped to walk around the old square in New Braunfels but it was all roped off and construction going on, so much for that idea. We ended up heading north to San Marcos with a stop at Olive Garden for lunch and Camping World. There sure wasn’t anything at Camping World we wanted to pay their price for; we find it a very expensive place to shop!

At the Prime Outlet Mall we went back to the Columbia Sportswear place and each got a couple of things there, then I did a quick run into Bath and Body Works to pick up some stuff for Nan and a couple more things for me and then it was time to head home.

We had a light dinner after a late lunch and a quiet evening of reading seeing how our TV doesn’t work.

This morning John was out of here shortly before 8 a.m. to go to Marble Falls to get the car seat repaired. I didn’t expect him home much before 12:30 so figured I had lots of time to do some cleaning and read my morning news on the computer etc. Just as I was about to start the cleaning around 10 a.m. he returned home, turns out he drove all the way up there to have the guy figure out he didn’t have the right material to fix it – grrrrr!!! When we were there on Monday he said he had the material so needless to say John wasn’t a happy camper as it is about 25 miles each way.

Today was pretty overcast and dull so we decided when he got back to have a lazy stay at home day. I got my new phone this afternoon so after getting it activated I spent time getting it all set up again, fortunately my contacts were backed up on the Verizon site so I didn’t have to sit and put them all in again. Tomorrow we will have to find a FedEx drop to send the old one back.

Tonight the park had a meatloaf dinner, it was $3 each and was a good meal with meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes, beans and rolls. Desert was chocolate cake and chocolate brownies – I got my chocolate fix for a while! Dinner hour here was more to our liking being at 6:30, sure beats the 5:00 dinner time at most parks in Arizona but like any other park dinner it was a case of eat and run, nobody sticks around to socialize.

This is one of the few parks that doesn’t have cable TV but there are about 5 channels you can get off the antenna but we haven’t been able to pick up anything. After checking everything out we figure our TV is analogue and not digital and can’t pick up the new DTV signals that the US instituted in 2009. We are surprised as we bought the TV in 2005 so figured it would be okay but we can’t pick up any signals, and the antenna and cable seem okay, so we figure that is the problem. There is a modem or something we could get but for the few times we might need it we haven’t decided if it is worth the money. It doesn’t bother me in the least not to have the TV as I am quite happy to read instead.

And so ends two more great gifts of days and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

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