Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yesterday we woke up to overcast skies and expected it to rain but fortunately it cleared off in the late morning and was a beautiful day, but quite windy – hey, we’re in Texas!

I did laundry in the afternoon and John went out and got fuel, that was the extent of our busy day – hah, hah. I sat outside for quite a while and read – nice and relaxing.

For the last three days I have charged my phone and by the next morning it is dead so I thought it best to visit a Verizon store and have it looked at, I figured I probably needed a new battery but thought it was a bit soon to have it go as I just got the phone in November. We decided to go to San Marcos and do the Verizon thing as well as go to the outlet malls so after a nice drive through the country we arrived in San Marcos. Fortunately we went to Verizon first as the tech there told me he needed to keep the phone for 2-1/2 hours to get it charged then check it out. Well, okay, how do we get to the outlet mall from here.

There are actually two outlet malls side by side, one is the Tanger Outlet Mall and the other is the Prime Outlet. We did the Prime one first and my first stop was Bath and Body Works, wow did they have a good sale going so I stocked up on some stuff there. Then it was a stop at the Columbia Clothing outlet where I got a pair of shorts and a top and then to a Cosmetic place where I got a real deal on my Estee Lauder makeup and perfume – I am one happy person tonight!! We went over to the Tanger Outlet Mall but there was nothing too much there, I wandered through the Kitchen Store but that was about it.

On the way back to Verizon we stopped at Best Buy to check out the new iPads, heck it is just a huge iPod Touch and the Touch is much easier to carry around, I sure won’t be changing any time soon. I did get a gift card for the App Store and John got one for iTunes so we are now good to go with those.

Back at Verizon the fellow told me that my charging port was not working so they would be sending me new a new phone – they didn’t have one in stock so it should arrive here by FedEx on Tuesday (fortunately it is still under warranty so there is no charge). Of course I didn’t have the address of the park with me, but they had charged my phone and as I had called the park a couple of days ago to make the reservation I still had the number in contacts so I was able to call them to see what their address was so I could tell the fellow at Verizon – he must have thought I was a real nut bar!!

Today we woke up to overcast skies and a bit of a drizzle, not real wet, just kind of yucky but by the time we got to San Marcos it was dry, but still overcast. We hit the drizzle on the way home again so we aren’t complaining about the weather and the wind had died down by this morning so it was a not too bad day weather wise.

We don’t have phone service here (no signal) so I did talk to our oldest daughter and son on the way home from San Marcos and my sister for a couple of minutes, but will have to wait until we are somewhere where we have phone service before we talk to our other daughter and I still could chat with my sister for a while longer. Oh technology!! I am not a real phone talker but do like to talk to the kids and my sister on the weekend so it is frustrating when I can’t do that.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day so we can get out and get some pictures of the wildflowers.

And so ends two more great gifts of days and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

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