Annapolis Royal

Today was a hot sunny day, the warmest day we have had in a long time but actually too hot for my liking.

We headed out this morning and drove to Port Royal where Champlain landed in 1609.

After walking around there we went back to Annapolis Royal, found a parking spot and walked around. We were surprised at how quiet it was, we had expected it to be much busier, especially for a Saturday.

Looking Across the River at Annapolis Royal

We toured the second oldest house in North America and they had cut out the walls so you could see it the actual construction of houses in those day, very interesting. After wandering the main street we stopped for lunch at a little cafĂ© and by then I had had enough – time to head home as the heat was getting the better of me.

The park we were in was very quiet until yesterday when the weekenders started to arrive, unfortunately we have the Beverley Hillbillies on one side and Samson and son on the other. We won’t be sorry to leave in the morning, unfortunately we have found Nova Scotia campgrounds to be a lot like Ontario ones – overpriced and not great! This park advertised wi-fi and the owner told us if we couldn’t get it at our site we could get it at the office, well was he pipe dreaming as we couldn’t even get a good connection there.

Tonight it started to rain about 7:30 so slowed down the noise and fires.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

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