Touring Annapolis Valley

Today was another overcast day for most of the day but it did clear off about 4:30, fortunately we didn’t have much rain, just a couple of drizzles and the temperature was in the low 20’s, so not too bad.

This morning we went to the café here at the park for breaksfast and had their special that was very good. Also got on the wi-fi while there so got caught up with the blog, news etc.

After breakfast we crossed over McKenzie Mountain to the Bay of Fundy and drove along the bay till the end of the road, then had to turn around and retrace our steps. We then drove to Digby via the scenic route, Hwy. 1, toured around Digby then drove out to Lighthouse Road to Prims Point. We saw Prims Light Station – another lighthouse in a sad state of repair but still a working lighthouse and from there we watched the St. John/Digby ferry, Princess Acadia, come into port. Then it was off for a drive along the spit of land going out of Digby that looked like it might be a scenic drive but like most of the scenic drives here it was mostly forest. When we got to Digby Neck/Sandy Cove we turned around and headed back but that was the prettiest part of the drive.

Views from Prims Point

Digby Neck

Coming back in to Annapolis Royal there was an outdoor store that John thought looked interesting so we stopped and wandered through there – lots of guns, ammunition and anything hunting that you could possibly want but not my cup of tea.

We came back to the trailer and watched the weekenders roll in, sure not like the 55+ parks in the sunny southwest! Oh well, as long as they are reasonably quiet and don’t party all night it won’t be a problem.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

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