A Touring Day

Yesterday was a quiet day, we didn’t do much but went into Charlottetown in the afternoon as the pantry badly needed restocking.

We have gone three weeks without a TV but John decided if we were going to be here for over a week a TV would be nice so that was also on the shopping agenda. I was talking to Leonard in the morning and as well as owning and running this park he and Michael work at Sears, and Leonard mentioned that they had a couple of good sales on TV’s so that was where we went. We got a nice 22” LG LED TV at a good price and it has a great picture so we are pleased.

Today was a gorgeous day so we decided to drive to the east end of the island. We drove as far as Souris, a very pretty town on the Strait of Northumberland, but decided there wasn’t a lot more to see so at the end of the island so that was as far as we went.

We had lunch in Souris, a yummy bowl of clam chowder and watched the ferry come in from Isle de la Madeline, a 134 km trip. There were a lot of vehicles that came off and we were surprised at the number of RV’s that came off and were waiting to go over as it would be a very expensive trip and like Newfoundland there is only one way over and one way back.


Looking Across Harbour at Souris

Historical Souris Lighthouse

We then headed back and took some of the scenic roads but there is nothing scenic until you get to the small town at the end of the road if it is on the water. We stopped in Montague for a bit, a pretty town with a pretty harbor, then home from there. It was a nice day and we thought it would be good to get it done before the weekend traffic starts and when the weather was so great as tomorrow it is supposed to rain.


Leonard is planning on having a happy hour tomorrow night with a couple of other Airstream owners here in the park so that should be interesting, hopefully it won’t be raining then!

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

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Sandra said...

It's interesting that you didn't think much of the East drive. We had planned to stay on the eastern tip as we were told it's scenic. Maybe we should rethink it. Hard to know what to do.