Friday - September 14, 2007

Today was another gorgeous day - very sunny but it was quite cool while driving – at one point it was 8C on the truck thermometer but then when we stopped later this afternoon it was 21C – go figure.

We had a very pretty, scenic drive, lots of ups and downs, then we would come into a bay and there would be a very pretty town spread out around the bay. After an hour or so of driving west on the south shore of the St. Lawrence we got to a point where the road ran along the base of the mountains right at river level – we were between the mountain and the river - beautiful.

We stopped for the night just west of Matane, so it will be a good run tomorrow to Levis. This park has wi-fi but we couldn’t get logged on using the Mac, I switched to the Windows part on my computer and could get on the internet but all my pictures and diary are on the Mac so I couldn’t update my blog. I did check e-mail etc. but no postings tonight.

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