Tuesday - September 11, 2007

Well the clear sky last night didn’t last, today was one real crummy day – cold, wet and rainy – not a day to do too much.

Cheryl, Steve, Linda and Jim came to the trailer around 12:30 and we ended up just sitting here visiting and then Steve & Cheryl took us all out for dinner – we went to a nice restaurant in town and had a really good dinner – I had the special which was trout and really tasty. After dinner we went back to the cottage for the evening.

Tomorrow we are heading for Perce as the weather is supposed to be so-so but nice on Thursday so we decided the so-so day would be a good one to move on to Perce then have a nice day Thursday to do sightseeing. Cheryl, Steve, Linda and Jim are doing Perce on Thursday so we are planning on meeting up with them again.

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