Saturday - September 15, 2007

Thanks everyone for the e-mails and phone calls wishing me a happy birthday, it was good to hear from everyone. We want to wish our new friend Jim a happy birthday today as he and I share the same birth day.

Wow what a difference in weather today! Last night it got really windy then started to rain during the night and this morning was one cold, wet, miserable morning and it stayed like that till mid afternoon. It poured rain the whole time we were driving and was quite foggy in spots, not much good for sightseeing. We arrived in Levis about 3 p.m. and just when we got here the rain stopped, the sky cleared and the sun actually came out – figures it would get nice when we get here but not for the drive!

After we got settled I got caught up a bit on my e-mail, blog etc. then we went out and picked up a few groceries and then went out for dinner. When we were here in July we found a really nice restaurant so went back again tonight – John had pizza and I had a Thai Chicken Stir Fry - yummy.

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Sandra said...

Happy Belated Birthday! It seems that there are a lot of Virgo RVers out there. Don't know if you read Tony & Jackie Albasani but they are both Virgos as well as Gordon and I plus lots of people on the RV chat room I belong to!