Sunday - September 9, 2007

Today was another nice sunny day, but the high only reached 18, quite a difference from yesterday. Tonight we are at Beresford, which is just a bit north of Bathurst, N.B., we are in a park with a bit of a view out over the Bay of Chaleur – quite pretty.

Today was one of those days when we found it hard to get moving so it was after 11 when we got away from Amherst, the drive here was mainly on 2 land roads but was good, sometimes there was a fair bit of traffic and then other times it was quite light. One of our big complaints about traveling in Canada is finding a place to pull over for lunch or a washroom break, we have found that closed weigh stations are good and today we stopped for lunch at a church which had a large parking lot, but you really have to keep your eyes open for places to pull over.

After we got set up today we went for a walk around the park, it seems like it is quite a busy place but fortunately the summer is over and it is fairly quiet right now. The seasonal sites are very close together, certainly there is no privacy, it sure makes Green Acres look really nice. We tried to walk down by the water but it was too wet and boggy. There was really nothing to take a picture of so no pictures for today.

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