Tuesday -January 22, 2008

Today was another sunny, beautiful warm day, I wore my skort golfing and was worried when we first got there that I might be too cool, but it turned out to be quite warm , just a perfect day.

The golf game was fun and as usual I had some good and some bad shots but on the whole my game was not bad – I played with 3 fellows today and held my own with them so I was happy. John won closest to the hole today – he got a whole dollar for it but was really pleased with himself and I was happy for him. It was the water hole that was the closest to the tee today so it was even more challenging than the other holes and he was only a couple of feet from the cup, close to a hole in one! There were 42 golfers today, the best turnout yet. Before we started today Jim announced that John Stewart, from Canada, had had heart problems and was being flown home, John is from Waterdown and I had been in his foursome one of the first times out and last Tuesday he and I sat and chatted for a long time while waiting for the others to come in, hopefully everyone keeps him in their prayers and he is okay.

I have been having a terrible time with my hips this winter so today I wore my running shoes to see if they made a difference and voila, my hips and legs were fine, guess I will have to resort to running shoes which I hate wearing, but on the other hand if the pain is gone it is worth it. On the way home we stopped and I bought a new pair of running shoes so hope they are as good as my old ones which are looking pretty well derelict.

When we got back I walked down to check the mail and noticed Johnny and Tom, who we met in Alabama last spring and who are from Barrie, have arrived so I stopped to say hello and had a chat with them. They left home January 8th and hit a tornado in Memphis, they said it was pretty scary but they were fine so that is the main thing. While I was off visiting John was home working on polishing the new (to us) aluminum propane tank, it is coming up beautiful and will be blinding in the sun!

I put a roast and veggies in the slow cooker this morning so dinner was very easy to get on the table tonight, the roast was quite large so I did enough veggies for a couple of meals, now we will have another easy dinner another night this week.

And so ends another wonderful day of retirement, we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

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