Wednesday - February 6, 2008

Last night was very cold, the fans were running in the orchards overnight and it was 38F when we got up this morning, but it warmed up beautifully during the day and turned into an absolutely gorgeous day.

Looking at the news and papers it looked like a terrible day at home, I had an e-mail from sister this morning and she had a snow day today so I figured it would be a good chance to talk to her, so called and we had a good chat. I also had an e-mail from our daughter Kel who had a kind of snow day, the school wasn’t closed but the buses were cancelled so it was a pretty quiet day at school and she said she got lots done. Fortunately she doesn’t have far to go so the drive was okay. Sure don’t miss all that snow and freezing rain and we did our share of driving in it during our working days!

I went for a long walk around the park today, then this afternoon I went out shopping for a bit. I was just going to go out and get some cards but seeing how I was by myself I took the opportunity to check out a couple of clothing stores. I got a nice blouse at 60% off at one store and then went to Beall’s where I saw a few things I would have liked to try on but they were painting the change rooms so I gave up and left, maybe I will get back on Friday afternoon while John is touring the MCAS base.

When I came back John was busy polishing the aluminum propane tank again, it will be blinding in the sun soon!! This afternoon the GPS that he bought off E-Bay arrived so he spent some time getting it set up and seems to be pleased with it, this one is for bike riding etc. and also would be good for geocaching, which I would like to try sometime.

Our friend Margie had surgery on her shoulder yesterday so we just called to see how she was doing, she has been quite sick from the anaesthetic so is not feeling great but hopefully she will be feeling better tomorrow and improves each day. We wish you a speedy recovery Margie.

It is time to get dinner ready and then a quiet evening of reading and a bit of TV is planned. And so ends another great day in our life of retirement and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

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