Sunday -March 2, 2008

Okay, today was NOT a nice day, the wind howled and blew all day long – sure could do without that. I opened a couple of windows a bit in the living room and all of a sudden my mouse wouldn’t move – the table was covered in dust!! Needless to say I wasn’t impressed after all the time I spent cleaning yesterday, I could feel grit and dust everywhere so started cleaning it up again but there is no point in getting too carried away as it is supposed to be windy until tomorrow night – how lovely!! It was not a day for being outdoors as all you do is breathe in dust so we had a quiet day indoors, I laid down on the bed this afternoon to read and was rocked by the wind.

We have never seen the wind this bad here in Yuma and hope that we don’t get too many more days like this but Mike, our neighbour, said last night that March is usually windy here – how nice.

Today is our 46th wedding anniversary so tonight we went to Red Lobster for dinner – we decided to splurge and both had lobster tail and shrimp – very yummy!

My sister and niece are leaving on Thursday for a cruise so I called her when we got home to wish them a happy holiday – I am sure they are looking forward to some sun and warmth after the winter they have had. It is now time for a bit of TV or reading; and so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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Colin, Margaret ,Splash & Mexi Werner said...

Happy Anniversary You Guys! 46 years ....Wow thats an accomplishment these days.

As for the wind, we got it too and I thought we may actually achieve lift off in the trailer today! No awnings out today.