Sunday -March 30, 2008

Today was another nice day but not as hot as it has been and tonight it sure has cooled down, it actually feels good to be cool for a change.

This morning we headed out to get some groceries and fill up with fuel before heading out tomorrow. We drove up “A” Mountain to Sentinel Park lookout there were some very nice views of Tucson down below. We then found a Fry’s grocery/fuel store and got some groceries and fuelled up for $3.799/gal. which is a really good price down here. Most of the stations are $3.999 and Fry’s was $3.899 and then with their card it was $3.799, gotta like that but we are hoping it will get cheaper as we head home.

I have been following Sandra’s blog for a couple of years now and she has been following ours and we are finally in the same area so Sandra came over for a visit this afternoon, it was nice to meet her in person although I feel I like I know her and Gordon from reading her blog. Gordon has been diagnosed with Valley Fever and was tired this afternoon so we didn’t get to meet him, hopefully next time we are in the same area we will meet up again and get to meet Gordon.

John got the trailer hooked up this afternoon when we got back from shopping and everything is pretty well put away so not too much to do in the morning to get rolling.

Tonight was cold chicken and salads for dinner and now I am going try to get some pictures on my blog, I finally got John’s pictures today so will see what there is to post and they will probably go back a few days.

Desert Trails RV Park

Magic Elixir Show - Old Tucson Studios

Bank Robbery Gun Fight

View From Mt. Lemon

The Needle

Another Nice View From Mt. Lemon

Pretty Cacti Garden Beside Us at Desert Trails RV Park

Pretty Flowers

Pretty Blooms on Cacti

More Pretty Cacti

Great Horned Owl In Nest at Pool

Tucson from A Mountain

Another View from A Mountain

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.


wblakey said...

Hello, people. I just heard about your blog yesterday through another blog on here. It is nice to hear and read about people from Ontario who spend the winter in a warmer place and like to share there lives with others who are less fortunate and not able to travel south in the winter. I shouldn't say less fortunate but I believe you know what I mean. I am still working and getting rid of loans and debts so we can travel in the future.
We live in Kirkland Lake,Ontario and do know the Kincardine area as we used to live near Collingwood until 20 years ago and decided to have a change of schenery. We also love motorhoming but don't go that far as yet.
Carry on with your travels and will follow your adventures as you journey home in the near future.
Wilf & Elizabeth Blakey

Sandra said...

I'm glad we finally got to meet yesterday. Even though it was a brief visit I felt I already knew you too! Safe travels till we meet again.