Thursday - April 3, 2008

What another beautiful warm day it was in Alamogordo when we were getting ready to leave this morning. John, the fellow in the Airstream across from us came over as soon as he saw John out this morning and helped him hook up. After I finished up inside I went out and Judith came over so we ended up chatting for a couple of hours, fortunately we were only going about 150 miles today so we had time to visit. They are a lovely couple and hopefully we will meet on the road again sometime, but we wish them a great trip to St. Louis

Our drive today was interesting, the road was good and the trip over the Sacremento Mountain range was nice and very scenic. We then hit a long drive along the mountain plateau where there was very little vegetation or civilization, but it was pretty anyways.. At one point we stopped at a picnic area and my sandals got full of burrs – I WAS NOT impressed when I had to get John to pull a couple out of the sole of my foot. At Artesia we turned south and the landscape changed again, we saw a number of orchards and green fields, (we couldn’t tell what they were growing there). We also saw numerous oil wells working away, reminded us of around Sarnia.

When we arrived at Carlsbad RV Park we were surprised at the wind, we hadn’t noticed how bad it was when we were driving but when we got here I felt that if I could get my feet off the ground I would be able to fly away – wondering if John was wishing that could happen – lol!

This is a Passport America Park and the price is right - $15.50/night with full hook-ups, an indoor pool, cable TV and free wi-fi – sure can’t beat that! The wind was so bad when we arrived that there was no way I was opening the windows as along with the breeze there would be a TON of dust blowing in – instead I reverted to the hated air conditioning! It did the trick and cooled down the trailer, now the wind has died down and we have a couple of windows open and a beautiful cool breeze is coming in, hopefully it will stay like this overnight!

Tonight was a night of left over chicken and salads for dinner, real easy and now it is the wind down period of the day. I will get this posted and then pick up my book for a while until my eyes won’t stay open and I can’t absorb what I have read, at which point I know the bed will be beckoning. And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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