Wednesday - April 2, 2008

Today was another beautiful day but it is not as hot here as Arizona, again the temperature was in the mid 70’s – perfect.

Today we toured the Space Museum and it was very interesting, some of it was too technical for me but on the whole it was enjoyable. Most of the missile trials take place in the White Sands because of the weather and terrain, it is mainly sunny, flat and there is little rain here.

V2 Missile Used in the Bombing of London, England During WW11

Blooms on Cow Tongue Prickly Pear

Sonic Sled Used for Trials in the Desert

Cacti In Bloom

Looking Out Over Alamogordo to White Sands In Distance

Okay, So How Does A Rock Like This Hang Up There!

We Will Drive Through This TUnnel Tomorrow On Our Way to Carlsbad

After that we drove over the Sacremento Mountain Range to see what it will be like tomorrow, the road is good and the steep descent is driving west from Cloudcroft so it will be an okay drive with the trailer going east. We went south of Cloudcroft for about 17 miles then picked up another road that looped back up to Cloudcroft – a very pretty drive through the mountains and valleys. The drive west back to Alamogordo was very scenic and we could see the white sand blowinng around off in the distance, guess that is pretty normal for here as that is how the dunes are formed and move – from the constant wind.

We again stopped at Hastings so I could check the e-mail and post my blog, sure do hope we have wi-fi tomorrow night, I checked out a park at Carlsbad and they advertised wi-fi so here’s hoping it is working.

Tonight we went to Applebee’s for dinner so John got the barbecue put away so that we are pretty well ready to go in the morning. And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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