Saturday - April 5, 2008

Today was another sunny hot day, sure hope this weather continues and we don’t start getting rain – we forget what rain is and we aren’t real eager to get reacquainted with it again – lol!

We decided to make it a short drive today as it is quite a long ways to where we want to go in Texas and we knew we would lose an hour coming out of Mountain Time so we opted to do about 240 km and stop at Fort Stockton, TX. We stopped at a nice park here in December 2006 and they have a little restaurant, the Roadrunner Café, at the park and serve a delicious rib dinner for $7.95 so we decided that we would stop here again and enjoy another dinner. It was just as good as we remembered!

The drive today was pretty boring, flat desert with lots of working oil wells and drilling rigs – great scenery! It was also very windy and we saw a lot of dust spouts off in the distance. When we got to Fort Stockton we stopped for fuel and just as John got out of the car the wind really gusted and I almost couldn’t see him for the dirt. When we arrived here it was too windy to open windows so again the air conditioning went on.

After dinner we sat out for a bit as the wind had died down and it was really nice, and we wanted to enjoy some of the warm weather. On the way back from dinner we had noticed that the towed on the motor home beside us had Parkway Ford on it so the lady came out and we asked where they were from. Turns out they are from Brantford but had lived in Waterloo for many years, funny her name is also Carolyn. Her husband Dave came out and we visited for about an hour, a very nice couple.

Tonight we are watching the Bourne Ultimatum, lots of action! And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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