Friday - April 11, 2008

Last night a cold (?) front came through and we woke up to very pleasant temperatures this morning. We decided to do a bit of touring today so headed for Luckenbach ,Texas to join Willy, Waylon and the boys.

The population sign approaching Luckenbach states population 3, don’t know who the 3 are but I doubt they are any of the ones we saw today. In addition to the restroom, there are only three buildings of note there, the combination post office, general store, bar;

Snail Creek Hat Co. and the dance hall with adjoining food shack (note – there didn’t appear to be any mail service at the PO). At the hat store, there are a good number of great western hats for sale, in addition to hand made leather belts, and other stuff to appeal to the inner cowboy in all of us; and although it may appeal to the cowboy in all of us it didn’t appeal to my wallet. The post office/general store/bar has some unique items for sale, but again out of my price range. We did enjoy seeing Luckenbach and it was worth the drive off the main highway.

From there we drove into Fredericksburg, and after finding a parking spot we decided to have lunch at Der Lindenbaum which is supposed to be a good, authentic German restaurant. The food was good but our waitress left something to be desired, she didn’t tell us what the specials of the day were but fortunately we heard another waitress tell her clients. Anyways we had a good lunch and after that we walked up and down the main street. It reminded us of places like Bayfield, nice stuff but expensive and way over priced.

After that we stopped at the Visitor Centre then H.E.B. and Wal Mart , from there it was back home. The park has gotten pretty busy, probably a lot of weekenders but everything seems quiet so we aren’t complaining.

After our big lunch we decided to have a light dinner so ended up having nachos and salsa…very good. Tonight is the end of Lonesome Dove; and so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I like the Alberta lic plate in the background!! Looks like a long way from Calgary!!