Monday -April 7, 2008

Boy, we have to get used to this weather – last night was very warm for sleeping, it is the first time since we left home in November that we have been hot at night, we do prefer the cooler nights and sleep better when it is cooler. This morning it was very overcast, hot and humid, again not something we have experienced in a long time so it will take some adjusting to.

Johnson City is where Lyndon B. Johnson grew up but the town was named for one of his forebears, not him, it is not a large town – only about 1200 population and it is located in the heart of Texas Hill Country. We went to the LBJ Tourist Information Centre in town, it had a large interesting display on his time as president then we watched a film about Lady Bird. We then toured the house in town where he grew up, this tour was free which was surprising, then we drove 14 miles west to the LBJ Ranch and did a bus tour of the ranch - $3 each for the tour. The ranch was known as the Texas White House and was a working ranch (still is) and we saw some long horned steers – and the horns were long, and a herd of bison as well as a lot of other cattle etc. The house where LBJ was born had been torn down many years but he and Lady Bird had a replica of the original house built so we toured that, then the cemetery where the family is buried, then on to the main ranch which was not as huge as I had expected but looked nice. The main house is not yet open for tours, the Johnsons donated the land to the National Park Service many years ago with the stipulation that the main house could not be toured as long as they lived. Lady Bird passed away last year so they are now getting the house ready for tours. He was born on land that is now part of the ranch not far from his grandparents house but his family moved into town when he was a young boy.

House On Ranch Where LBJ Was Born

Johnson Family Cemetery - Lady Bird is Buried Where the Flowers Are and LBJ is Large Stone to the Right

Front Yard of Texas White House - The Live Oak Tree is Well Over 500 Years Old

It was interesting reading and hearing about them and what they did, they were great believers in saving the environment and they had more land dedicated as National Parks than was developed during his term of office. Lady Bird spent her life as an advocate for beautifying the nations cities and highways and conservation of natural resources

Although it was very overcast when we started out today the sky cleared off and it turned hot and sunny, a nice day. The wildflowers are starting to come out along the side of the road and are very pretty. We got fuel today at $3.899, which is way too high, but better than the $4.089 we paid at Fort Stockton.

A Pretty Primrose

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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Colin, Margaret ,Splash & Mexi Werner said...

That looks like a very interesting stop. Guess you are getting a taste of the humidity in Texas after the dry air of Yuma. If you want to sleep really well just come on up to Iowa....extra blankets on the bed and the furnace on.....sleep like a log!!
Still waiting for our truck......