Tuesday -April 8, 2008

Today was another hot muggy one, the high in the truck was 88F (31C) so we were thankful to have the air conditioning which kept us comfortable.

Today we headed down to Blanco to see what was there, not much, so then we headed east to San Marcos and what a pretty drive it was, you can certainly see why this area is called the Hill Country! We saw some wild flowers along the side of the road but they just aren’t fully out yet which is quite disappointing.

A gal at our park in Yuma had told me there was an outlet mall in San Marcos so I wanted to go there and check out the Corning store for dishes for our new place. Well, I have never seen such a huge outlet mall before, there had to be well over 300 stores there – where do you start? We found the Corning store and I got my dishes then I saw there was a Sag Harbour store (hell of a name for a ladies clothing store!) a couple of doors down so checked it out – I got a nice pair of shorts for $8, regular $30 so was happy with that purchase. I thought I had subjected John to enough waiting around (he found a bench and parked himself on it) as he is NOT a shopper so that was the extent of my outlet mall shopping.

From there we drove through the country to a town north of where we are camped called Marble Falls, at one point we could see Austin but we will save going there for another day. We saw a lot of beautiful, huge homes and could just imagine what lay at the end of the roads to ranches that had huge, gorgeous entrance gates by the highway. Marble Falls is a pretty town and we ended up having dinner at the River Side Grill before heading for home.

Tonight is a bit of reading or TV and an early night to bed. Last night was brutally warm for sleeping so I am hoping tonight will be better, I certainly DO NOT like these warm nights! And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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