Wednesday - April 9, 2008

Today we woke up to this funny stuff falling from the sky, I think they call it rain, oh well life without rain couldn’t continue and on the bright side (no pun intended!) the rain will make the wildflowers grow. Actually it didn’t rain all day, just off and on but enough to make it a day where we didn’t want to plan any extended outdoors activity as it was one of those days where you didn’t know when it would rain again. The high temperature on the truck today was 75F (24C) but most of the day the temperature seemed to be stuck on 71F (22C) but high humidity made it seem much hotter than it was.

Spring is my favourite season and this area of Texas is just nicely into spring, the trees are still that pretty light green colour they are when the leaves have just come out and everywhere you look it is green and the wildflowers, although not out in full bloom yet, make a beautiful sparse carpet of colour along the side of the road. Forgive me, I don’t often wax poetic but spring makes my heart sing it is so beautiful and I am just drinking it in here. And just think, I will get to enjoy spring twice as we will watch everything bud when we get back to Kincardine – how lucky can we get.

Today, because of the weather, we decided to check out the lakes around Marble Falls, the main one being Lake LBJ and oh man did we find where the richie rich hang out. We turned down a little side road, went by a huge power plant along the Colorado River which is a blight on the landscape, then ended up in a subdivision along Horseshoe Bay – the houses were amazing but what really surprised us was that although they are multi million dollar homes they are right on top of each other as they have very small lots (actually I don’t know if it is because the lots are small or the houses so big!!). Oh well, I guess we will never have to worry about living in one of them and having a neighbour breathing down our necks – LOL!!! I was reading in the Visitors Magazine that even though you might own a house in this area membership in one of the three local PGA level golf courses does not come with the territory, you have to apply for a membership and be accepted. Kinda snobby don’t you think!

Looking Across Horseshoe Bay

Part of A Pretty House

Another Nice One

Love the Setting

We drove along the lakes as much as we could and at one point just as John turned a corner I told him to stop and back up, I had seen an empty lot with deer on it. We got to the lot and there were over 2 dozen deer just hanging out, the truck didn’t faze them at all and what a beautiful sight they were.

We stopped at one of four dams around the lakes but couldn’t get near the dam, there was a fellow there who said after 9/11 all the dams in Texas were closed off to the public so we didn’t bother trying to see any of the other ones in the area.

On the way back we stopped in Marble Falls and picked up a few groceries, then came on home. It was a nice day with lots of beautiful scenery. The wind has really picked up and it is quite gusty, tomorrow they are calling for thunder storms so it might be a good laundry day.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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