Friday - April 25, 2008

Last night we had a nice cool breeze coming in so it was a comfortable night for sleeping, thank goodness, as I haven’t slept well for about 5 nights! Today was another bright, sunny day but there was a lot less humidity and a nice breeze so it was a really great day.

We picked up the Natchez Trace about 15 miles north of where we stayed last night and enjoyed a nice peaceful drive to Tupelo MS (Elvis’s birthplace), the speed limit on the Trace is 50 mph so it is a bit slower going than other highways but the lack of traffic and nice scenery more than make up for the slower drive.

Here are some views of the Trace and one from an overlook

There are a few state parks and Trace parks along the way but they tend to have small sites so we opted to stop at a park in Tupelo, we got to the park, Campground at Barnes Crossing, about 2:30 and got the last site, so were glad we had decided to stop. The next park was about another 160 miles and we just didn’t feel like going that much further this afternoon.

After we finished checking in the woman suggested we keep an eye on Channel 6 as there is a slight possibility of severe thunderstorms tonight and hail – boy did that freak John but we finally decided to tough it out here as it looks like we won’t get too much bad weather.

The sites here are very large and there is free wifi so we are happy, after we got set up we enjoyed just sitting out and basking in the nice weather.

John Enjoying a Cold One

Looking Up the Road

Looking Down the Road

We even sat out after dinner for almost an hour, we really enjoyed it as it will probably be the last chance for a while! This park seems to be a mixture of seasonals and transients and is on lots of different levels, when we were sitting out we were looking over the roofs of the trailers on our curbside!

I have some route planning to do for tomorrow so had best get this posted then get at that. And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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