Thursday - April 24, 2008

We awoke to another hot, sunny, humid day – sure do like the sun and warmth but I do hate the humidity. It was almost 10:30 before we got away, chatting as usual instead of driving down the road.

Kay and Bob are just an amazing couple and a joy to talk to, Kay is 80 and Bob is 84 and they are still enjoying being on the road in their Winnebago View. They were telling us last night at dinner that in 1972 Bob had bought a 31’ Airstream for $12,000 and they sold it in 2001 or 02 for $5,000 – guess that says why we like Airstreams!! They came over to say goodbye so I asked Kay if she would like to see inside our trailer so we ended up with everyone in the park having a tour. Pris’s parents had an Airstream years ago so she was quite interested in seeing what they are like today, and you know me, I never mind giving a tour. After the tour of our place we went over to see Kay & Bob’s View and were really impressed, they have had some custom work done and it is very roomy with lots of storage – we are keeping something like this in mind for when John no longer feels comfortable pulling the 34’ Airstream!!

We took kind of a long way around today but had an interesting drive, we went down to almost New Orleans then picked up I-55 North and are now just south of Jackson, MS. The water levels in Louisiana are very high and the bridge structures there are just phenomenal, I am sure there is no other state with as many bridges, let alone 10 – 15 mile bridges as Louisiana.

Crossing the Mississippi

Just One of Many Large Lakes

Here's One for Our Friend Terry

We are now at Byram, MS and it is a nice park but quite large, it appears that there are a lot of workers living here and a few families. There is no free wifi here and when we checked in the fellow gave us a pamphlet for Peristar, we handed it right back and said we wouldn’t touch them with a 10’ pole as we got burned by them last year in Texas; so I will have to wait until we have wifi to get this posted. Tonight will be TV (at least there is cable here so lots to choose from) and if I can’t find anything interesting there is always a good book.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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