Monday - December 8, 2008

Today I was a wuss – at 9:15 a.m. when it was time to go for pool aerobics the temperature was 48F so I chickened out – now am I a wuss or am I smart? Today did warm up to the low 70’s with lots of sunshine – all in all a nice day.

I decided that today was P Day (Pedicure) so headed out shortly before noon to get my feet feeling good – wow, now I think I could walk on air they feel so good. I went to Wal Mart on Avenue B as that is where I went this past winter and I was lucky to get the same fellow today as I had then – he does a really good job. There was a lady there waiting to get a pedicure that I thought I recognized, she ended up sitting at the next spot so we got talking and sure enough she is in our park and goes to pool aerobics so that is where I recognized her from. I told her I was going to go this morning but thought it was too cold – she laughed at me and said the pool was really nice – okay, okay I will go on Wednesday.

After my pedicure I wandered around Wal Mart for a bit and picked up a few groceries and a red bow for the trailer then headed to Beall’s. Monday is senior’s day at Beall’s so you get an extra 15% off and the only time I will go is without John so today was a perfect day to check it out. I didn’t really find anything much other than a pair of capris and a couple of glasses but had fun wandering around checking everything out.

When I got home John said he had spent all day trying to get my e-mail working with road runner, it turned out to be something really stupid and simple that was causing me not to be able to send out e-mail through Outlook and road runner but at least now I am good to go – many thanks to my wonderful hubby! If I had to do the problem solving I am sure my computer would now be a broken mass on the sidewalk!!!! (Do you get the impression I don’t have a lot of patience?)

I am looking forward to spending a bit of time reading tonight as it doesn’t appear that there is a lot on TV. And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to tomorrow although we have no great plans, will just see how the day unfolds.

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Mike said...

Thanks for the post card! It arrived Monday along with a ton of snow. Its raining here now which isn't good news for the snowmobile situation!