Friday - December 19, 2008

Today was another nice day with temperatures a bit warmer than yesterday but still on the cool side in the shade but it was lovely in the sun.

I got the laundry done around noon, when I got there I got the last 2 washers but managed to get 2 dryers without having to wait so I am not complaining. I came back and sat outside and read for a while, then went for a long walk.

We had an electric outlet in the kitchen which blew the fuse every time we tried to use one of the outlets in it so today was the day John decided to tackle it and see what the problem was; not being an electrical person I can’t tell you all the ins and outs but it took him about 3 hours to correct the problem. Turns out that when our dealer was supposed to make this outlet active whoever worked on it truly messed it up – needless to say that John was totally ticked off but at least he got it working. So much for most of his day!!

We are now having a quiet evening of TV and I think I will finish my book – such a tough life!! And so ends a great gift of a day and we look forward to tomorrow.

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